Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Social + Blog Friends

Hello Lovies!

I hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday!

Sunday Social
1. What is the first website you log in to everyday?
Twitter! I've got to catch up on whatever I missed while I was sleeping ;)
2. Funny Websites that you need to know about?
I'm kind of obsessed with GIF's so I love Reality TV GIF's and What Should We Call Me
3. Facebook or Pinterest?
Pinterest duh! I don't have a personal FB and my blog page only has like 8 likes. I have just grown out of Facebook and don't find it interesting anymore. Occasionally I will get on my Mom's to see what my family members are up to, but that's about it!
4. Twitter or Instagram?
This is a hard one but I'll have to go with Twitter. I usually have it up in the background at home and at work. As much as I love Instagram, the fact that it only loads about 75% of the time drives me insane!
5. Favorite YouTube Video?

Glozell talking about Rihanna's song Rude Boy. 
Makes me laugh.. everytime!

6. Biggest Online Pet Peeve?
Girl fights on Twitter! Keep the drama to yourself.. or your closest girlfriends ;) but NOT on the internet for all of the world to see!
Say hi to some of my favorite bloggers!

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  1. I got rid of my personal facebook too. I don't miss it, except I really should reactivate it and download all the photo's I have on there.
    Glad to know I'm not the only 20 something who doesn't feel the need :)

  2. hehe I love GloZell... have you seen the christmas one?

  3. GloZell is the best. I cry laughing so hard watching her. Multiple times a day.

  4. i'm still a faithful facebooker - i love it! but instagram is a close second for me. i'm currently over twitter....but i get in my moods ;)

    happy sunday lady!

  5. Have you seen GloZell's cinnamon challenge? LOL. She cracks me up! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    The Pretty Pinhead

  6. Oh my goodness, I clicked on those two websites, and got distracted for about 20 minutes before I remembered to read the rest of the post! So funny!

  7. oh haaay girl haaay thanks for shout-out :) And online pet peeve = agreed. Or complaining about each & every aspect of your life publicly (ugh, didn't get to bed last night until 2 am since I was puking my brains out.... OMG jimmy won't eat - Jimmy, mommy needs you to eat.... My boss is so mean, he made me come to work on a Saturday... etc. etc. etc. shut uppppppp)

    ok rant is over ;)

  8. I think it's time I said adios to FB and get on Twitter more...sounds like that's where the action is at these just gets sooooo overwhelming for me. Can't believe so many people air their dirty laundry...kinda craps me up! ;) I need to go and meet a few of these ladies! Hope you had a great weekend, Sami!! See you on the Monday link up! ;)

  9. If you love what should we call me, you have to go to these:

    I die hahaha

  10. Umm that video is amazing, love it. Thank you!!


  11. I've come so close to deleting my facebook so many times. But for some reason I never hit the button! HAHAHAHA

  12. Dumb question - how do you get the What should we call me gifs on your blog? I've been trying to figure it out, but I haven't been able to :(


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