Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday 24 Collection

Hello Lovelies!
It's here ya'll.. the moment we've all been waiting for, okay maybe just me. The Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday collection look book came out yesterday! One second I was bumming around on Twitter and the next I was freaking out and scrambling to look through the photos as fast as I could. 50 photos later and I was left feeling disappointed and if we're being honest.. a little sad. You see, since the moment the announcement was made I have been excited and I was even putting away some extra money to prepare for the December 1st launch. I mean 24 of the United States' best fashion designers were going to have items available at Target? This might be my only chance to own something from Marchesa, Alice + Olivia, Brian Atwood, or THE Marc Jacobs. Then I saw the collection.
Let's take a look:
Alice + Olivia
 Bicycle- SO cute, but would I pay $500 for it?
Hell to the no.
Luggage- It's adorable! Too small for me though, and at $180 I don't think I could justify it.
Brian Atwood
Bedazzled Gloves
Bedazzled Glasses
I'm sorry, but Brian Atwood makes beautiful, show-stopping shoes.
Marc Jacobs
Metallic Pouch- Love it but for $80? I'd rather buy real Marc Jacobs
Scarf- Again it's cute, but I've never spend $80 on a scarf and I probably never will.. unless its cashmere.
Tory Burch
Water Bottle
I mean really, that's the best they could do? This is where I would have liked to see a scarf or maybe some jewelry!
Diane von Furstenberg
Jewelry Box- No thanks.
Yoga Mat- I don't do yoga.
They couldn't do a dress?
Oscar de la Renta
Dog bowl
Dog leash
Ummm Lily is pretty spoiled, but I think this is pushing it as to how far I would go for my dog.
Little Girl's holiday dresses
This is the one I'm most upset about because you know how much I love Marchesa. I thought this was going to be my chance to own and wear an item from my favorite designer. I would have paid at least $200 for a dress. Well unless I go back in time and become 10 again, that ain't going to happen. These dresses are SO cute and if I did have a daughter I would probably buy one, but I do not.
Look, I get that the collection was presented as a holiday gift line that included items from all over the spectrum. I just don't think that they really captured the soul of these designers. I'm also sure the collection will still be successful, just like every other Target collaboration! However, Dana and I's plan to sleep in the car and be the first people in Target on Saturday morning? That will not be happening. It's not worth it anymore and I'm pretty sad about that.
There is one item that I would really love to purchase and I'm hoping it will be online so I can scoop it up at midnight and not have to go in the store to try and find it.
Proenza Schouler- Sweatshirt $29.99
It's a reasonable price and I think it's pretty and represents the designer well.. which means everyone else will probable want it too!
All of the pictures as well as the rest of the line can be found here.
Were you excited for the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday collaboration?
What do you think of the line?


  1. I would give up coffee and ice-cream to have that bike! Gorgeous!!

  2. Disappointment isn't even the word for it...BOO!!! I really wanted some Tory Burch :(

  3. I'm personally not a fan. Yeah, the girls dresses are cute but I'm a mother of an almost 4 year old and would never spend that much on a dress for her at this age. They grow too quickly.

    Definitely a let down. I think!

  4. I agree with you 100%. The stuff is nice but I want cute pieces, aka dresses, blouses. This is all just stuff. :(

  5. I'm not really into fashion, or designers, but even still I'M disappointed by all of this stuff (minus that last shirt, I too love it).
    I clicked on your link and headed over to check everything else out. The only things I've really liked so far are the three Christmas ornaments by Jason Wu, but for $50? I think not. The Robert Rodriguez Holiday dress is pretty cute as well, and I suppose reasonably priced (compared to everything else) - although I still wouldn't buy it.
    I think I just don't get it.

  6. I'm super bummed about pretty much ALL of the collection...I don't think there's anything I would buy. I'm not just going to buy something because of a label--I was realllllly wanting some pretty dresses, too! They dropped the ball, for sure!

  7. I wonder how much I'd have to starve myself to get into a little girl's dress ..... don't think I wouldn't try.

  8. Disappointed with a capital D!!! That sweatshirt is about the cutest thing....I'd rather not buy the TB lunch box and thermos and put it toward a pair of TB flats that I've been lusting over for months! However if I had a little girl I'd be first in line to buy her those two dresses - presh!

  9. I agree with all of your comments! On top of those, I think Target has tried to be too pretentious in the last few years. Don't they know we're all on a budget and it's cool to be frugal now?! They hit the spot with their $1/$2.50 section and I enjoyed their small business collaboration, but they're going to have to bring the NM collab prices down a bit to be realistic! LOL I didn't mean to rant so much! ;) hahaha! Awesome post!

  10. Boooo. You summed it all up pretty well. Boo Target/fancy designers

  11. Totally agreed. What a disappointment! I don't want a TB water bottle!! I want TB shoes and jewelry! Geez Target.

  12. This is more disappointing than finding out Santa Claus doesn't really slide down my parent's chimney.

    Except I'm Tory Burch obsessed and may have to jazz up my lunch game..... hmm...

  13. I can justify splurging on shoes, a purse, a good watch, or some sunglasses... but $80 for a black scarf? Uh, no thanks.

  14. I like the pouch, but not for the price point at Target.

    I don't actually like Tory Burch, but that lunchbox is superrrr cuteeee!

  15. Ugh. You know my thoughts. That black MJ scarf killed me. You can get the same thing for like $12 at target already. And those round glasses? Awful. AWFUL.

  16. Ugh Really? I'm with you on this one! At those prices, I'd rather save a little longer and buy the non-Target version. Color me disappointed.

  17. Definitely NOT sleeping in the car over this shiz. You can take a cab to the nearest Target if you still want to go. So much of this stuff is so useless and cheap-looking.

    Better luck next time, Tar-gey.

  18. I have to admit I'm a little disappointed in the offerings too. I'm a Robert Rodriguez fan so I may spring for the dress. I'm thinking of stalking the website for the pink Marchesa for my little girl. She won't understand how awesome her dress is...but Momma will :)

  19. janna's blog sent me over here.

    cute bicycle! that is spendy, at least for me! i got my vintage bike for a lovely $40!! gotta love thrift stores!!

  20. I feels you girlfrand. I could maybe get down with some of the home decor items, but even then I'd probably find something better (and cheaper) at World Market or HomeGoods. The only thing drool worthy for me is the Robert Rodriguez top. I'd rock the sheet outta that mutha ;-)

  21. i'm pretty sure i won't end up getting anything. hmph.

  22. I think a good thing to remember is that it's not exactly the same market. These were supposed to be gift themed. So that's why there aren't shoes and a lot of women's wear. The target demographic is gift buyers. So adult women buying others gifts. Not necessarily women buying themselves things. It makes sense for them to offer things out of their normal lines.

  23. So freakin' lame! I guess this means we can stay up drinking that Saturday before the launch since there's no real reason to rush to Target. I mean can we start the countdown yet for your Chicago adventure or what?

  24. That bike! I die!

    Too bad I also die at the price.

    I think I may be the only woman alive who looks at Tory Burch stuff and goes "Meh."

    Steph @

  25. I had no idea about this - what the heck????? Ya, i mean... if it were all half off maybe I'd be interested :)

  26. I am beyond sad... Not camping out.. Maybe they will add more stuff ... Maybe it's just like some things they will be selling maybe its like a teaser or a fake look book. I'm so disappointed now :(

  27. it's almost a slight to target customers. knowing that we would DIE for the opportunity for the REAL items showcasing all of the amazing designers TRUE talents (clothing, shoes, jewelry), not a lunchbox or a dog leash!!! it's insulting.

  28. I was so excited for this collection to come out but I'm disappointed with what they are selling. I was especially excited to see what Marc Jacobs was coming out with but I wasn't interested.

  29. I don't know if you've seen it yet but most of these items are on major clearance at Target. My sister bought the pink dress for my niece and it's lovely.


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