Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Oscar Awards- Hits & Misses

Awards shows are essentially my favorite TV events of the year. Yes, the shows can be boring and long.. but I love seeing the stars in their gowns and even more I love critiquing them. Am I an expert? Absolutely not. But I know what I like and what I don't. Since my dream job of being on Fashion Police isn't happening anytime soon.. you get my commentary here on the blog instead. Enjoy!

PS. This is everything.


Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab
To be completely honest, I'm not really a fan of Angeline Jolie. Team Aniston all the way! However, she knows to to work a red carpet and this dress is beautiful. I love that it's sheer, but it has sleeves which really makes it age appropriate. I also love the shimmer. Shimmer or glitter on the red carpet can go tacky in a hurry, and it doesn't do that at all here.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture
JLaw can really do no wrong in my eyes, and this is no exception. She is rocking that short hair like nobodies business and while I do think it ages here quite a bit, I think she carries it well. I love how fitted and sleek the dress is, and it's a gorgeous reddish orange hue that stands out. The peplum adds just the perfect amount of flair so it's not just a plain column gown. Also, it's really not fair that she doesn't suffer from strapless dress armpit skin that the rest of the population does.

BONUS: She looked just as amaze (and youthful!) in Tom Ford at the Vanity Fair Oscar party!

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen
Sandy is perfection and never fails to be both timeless and gorgeous. Her hair is shiny and the navy works so well with her dark hue! I die for the sweetheart neckline and the delicate detailing, it's a very classic dress. Everything is working for me, although I would have loved a necklace because it feels like it's missing.

Chrissy Teigen in Monique Lhullier
MY QUEEN. My favorite part about this is how girly and voluminous this gown is. Normally you see Chrissy in a lot of fitted and sparkle because it works for her, but I love that she looks just as good in a different silhouette. It's hard to pull off a pattern on the red carpet, and I think she nailed it.

BONUS: She went back to basics in a fitted black dress at the Vanity Fair Oscar party!

Julia Roberts in Givenchy
I can't get over how much better this dress is than her Golden Globes tragedy! Lace can be tricky, because it can be sexy but it can also go old very fast. I think this works so well for her and is flattering and gorgeous. There is a weird fit at the bust, but I can ignore it because I love how delicate and pretty she looks. Also love the simple up-do for her hair!

Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace
This stunningly beautiful blond goddess wins my top honors from last night. She is completely flawless from head to toe. I'm pretty sure I gasped when I saw the look for the first time. It's that good! She's got the perfect old Hollywood glamour thing going on and it's working perfectly. That cape is everything.

BONUS: She killed it again in Zuhair Murad at the Vanity Fair Oscar party! I love everything about the second look as well.


Jessica Biel in Chanel
I'm probably going to burn in fashion hell for saying this, but this dress looks cheap. There, I said it. I insulted Chanel and I'm sorry. That's the problem with shimmer and glitter because this one falls on the bad side. The dress itself is also just kind of boring and blah. I just know she can do so much better than this! Also, the hair is boring me. She needs JT on her arm, just saying.

Charlize Theron in Dior Couture
Don't throw rocks at me! I know most of you loved this, but I'm just not a fan. I think the illusion that it's strapless looks weird and in most pictures she looked lumpy because the fit was off. Oh, and that choker screams 90's to me in a bad way. Again, we know she can do so much better so it's a disappointment!

Sally Hawkins in Valentino
Oh honey, embellishment should never cover an entire dress and it definitely shouldn't be long sleeved. She's a petite girl and this dress just dwarfs her. The styling is terrible too. Hair is down, close toed shoes.. it all looks heavy and uncomfortable. Better luck next time!

Anna Kendrick in J. Mendel
I'm really sad to do this, because I love Anna so much. This just isn't working. I love what's going on above the waist, and the back was also beautiful. The problem lies in the odd red band at the middle, and the awkward slit at the leg. I think this dress is too old and goth for her!

BONUS: She did comeback and slay in Versace at the Vanity Fair Oscar party!

Giuliana Rancic in Tony Ward
I'm just going to be honest, Giuliana loves her a pageant dress and pageant dresses do not belong on the red carpet. The color is also very blah and drab. She would look stunning in something simple, long sleeved, and jewel toned! Also, did we notice that she's no longer allowed to interview celebrities? They stick her on a panel where she talks about the dresses from afar. So strange!

Kerry Washington in Jason Wu
I don't want to hate on the gorgeous pregnant woman, but I wore this dress in college. It was a bed sheet that I used to make a toga for a date party. It's so much more flattering when pregnant women just go for it and wear something form fitting that shows off the bump. This looks frumpy!


Suki Waterhouse
This would be Bradley Cooper's girlfriend. She looks pretty in the 20th nude, embellished dress of the night. Speaking of 20th, she's 22 and he's 39. Stop it. Also, fix the bangs girl.

Georgina Chapman
The gorgeous founder of Marchesa. Not loving this feather mess at all!

Can I just say I am devastated that Marchesa has lost their top spot on the red carpet? I don't know what happened but nobody is wearing them anymore.

PHEW. That was a lot. Now it's your turn, tell me who you loved and hated from last night's show!


  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I also HATED Charlize's dress... I only saw a few pictures but I just thought it looked horrible on her. And J Biel looks like she forgot about the Oscars until a half hour before. NOPE NOPE NOPE. In love with JLaw, as always. And Julia Roberts nailed it! I love love love that dress so much. I love your commentary on all the dresses and one day when you're on Fashion Police all will be right in the world.

  2. I loved Kate Hudson, JLaw, and Lupita Nyong'o! Also, Jared Leto's mom looked stunning! Oh, and Cate Blanchett!

    The lace on Julia Roberts was not doing it for me...but I'm personally not a fan of peplum. Agree on Kerry Washington...the dress overwhelmed her but otherwise I thought she looked stunning!

  3. It's so crazy to me how everyone can have so vastly differing opinions. We were off and on quite equally though with ours. Jessica Biel's Chanel DOES look cheap as hell. And Kate amazes the heck out of me. And thank GOODNESS Anna came back with her after party dress or I would have lost all faith.

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  8. Kate Hudson was just my fav! She looks SO Hollywood, I loved it.

  9. I just can't make myself look at Angelina, I can't stand her, hahaha. But oh what I wouldn't give to be a part of that selfie

  10. I love when you do these! I agree mostly. I don't understand Kerry Washingtons pregnancy style, like seriously, this dress looks lazy. Like it's a piece of fabric pinned at her bust. Also noticed the Guiliana thing, why wasn't she interviewing? And what was up with their glam cam at this show? From above everyone looked so bad and it made me dizzy!

  11. I also blogged about the Oscar fashions today...I'm with you, fav part of award season. I totally agree with you on Kate Hudson being the best dressed of the evening. We differed on quite a few, though. I hated Angelina Jolie's look and loved Charlize Theron's.

    I do what I want.

  12. Kerry Washington wore it to the after party too if I'm not mistaken..and it was too wrinkled and definitely looked like a sheet at that point. I didn't even put Angelina close to my best list, but I didn't see any "worst" to be honest. I thought Charlize Theron's dress was strapless and loved it, until I saw a side view and saw the light colored straps..which turned me off.

  13. I also really liked Lupita Nyong'o and Emma Watsons' dresses! Lupita's was one of the few with such a vibrant color this year. (too many nudes..)

  14. J. Law is amazing! I agree with you though, when I saw her last night I thought her hair really aged her way too much. But that dress was on point!

  15. Kate, JLaw, and Lupita whatever-her-name is were my favorites!!

  16. I did not watch the Oscars. This concerned one of my friends. I said, "Do not worry about it at all, Sami will catch me up on all the fashion tomorrow!" Thanks girl!

  17. I don't watch the Oscars (no cable), but I love looking the the fashion. Some of my favorites were Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock, and Lupita Nyong'o.

  18. BAH! I've been WAITING for your recap of this. :) I love reading them - you totally belong on fashion police. :) The only thing I disagree with is G's dress. I love that dress, even if it's totally a pageant dress. HAHA

  19. First of all, I cannot believe that girl is Bradley Cooper's girlfriend or that she's 22 - she looks like someone's teenage daughter. That being said, I love her dress.

    And I completely agree, Jessica Biel looks like she wandered into a small town mall and picked up that dress. Sandra Bullock on the other hand looked amazing. She was my absolute favorite, hands down.

  20. J Law can do no wrong in my eyes too! I am obsessed with her and I love the fact she took her best friend to the Oscars! I loved the peplum and I'm still adjusting to her short-do.


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