Girl’s Night Out

One of the things I looked forward to the most, after becoming single, was a girl’s night out! I had heard tales of dancing on tables and groups going to male review shows. I envisioned a night of drinking, laughing and adventure. I planned such a night with some of my single friends. They were more experienced ones because I was the newest single there. We very responsibly picked a designated driver and rode together to a favorite club.

I must say that the excitement started on the ride over, but it wasn’t what I had expected. The drama came from two girls fussing and screaming because they both wore the same dress. I didn’t see the problem because the club would be dark but the fight was on. It got so crazy that the two girls got out at a stoplight and began wrestling around in the street. One of my best friends was driving and after telling them to get in…she just drove away…leaving the girls, in their identical dresses standing in the street.

Before I could react to that, we pulled up to the club. One of the other girls admonished us to keep her in the middle of the group when we went in because she had a fake id.

“What?” I asked.

“Yeah, she is only 18…don’t worry…we do this all the time.”

We walked as a mob to the front of the club, and several girls flashed their id and were allowed in. The underage girl was in front of me, and when she tried to flash her id, she dropped it. We both bent down to get it and bumped heads. I saw stars when the bouncer rejected the fake id.

“Not happening,” he growled.

“And you, you look like you are already drunk. Get lost!”

He was pointing at ME! Now, wait a minute…I started calmly… Get out of the way, he suggested loudly. So, now “underage” and I were left alone under a lamplight. I tried texting my friends inside the club but either the music was too loud, or they just ignored me.

We finally flagged down a taxi and when we got in…whom did we see but the twin friends left in the street? They were still arguing and pulling each other’s hair. I screamed my address to the driver and after 45 minutes of listening to the catfight… I got out at my apartment. Wow! What a great girls night out, I thought. I looked at my watch, and it was all of 10:00. I got into my pajamas, with warm milk and watched Netflix until I fell asleep. I couldn’t handle many crazy nights like that one!