Welcome (Back) to the Dating World!

I have been out of the dating world for quite a while pretty much my entire adult life. I wasn’t clueless, though, about the changes brought about by technology. I have had friends who were single and tried to find companions. There are parts, however, that I wasn’t prepared to handle. I have never had to worry about being alone on a Friday night or not having a date for a new movie I wanted to see. In fact, I have not had to be alone much at all. Now, I find myself in my brand new apartment, unpacked and staring blankly at the new pictures I had just hung on the walls. I had been caught up in moving and setting up my new place, and I haven’t had time to feel the solitude.

What now? How do I go about meeting some new men? Do people still go to bars to find dates? Should I ask my friends to “fix me up?” Somehow, these ideas seem outdated. I spy my computer and think about all the commercials I have seen touting impressive profiles and soul mates just waiting to be discovered. I will just take a look… I think to myself.

Online dating is a new world to me and it takes a few tries before I find the right one. There are sites for Lonely Farmers, Single Parents and even one for self-proclaimed Nerds. I decide to try a more commercial one, and I am soon involved in answering questions about my hobbies, exercise level, body size and favorite things. I am amazed at the degree of detail this questionnaire demands. Then, I am challenged to write an interesting, brief, witty synopsis of my life that will impress and draw in the men I want. It must be funny and original; welcoming without being needy and it has to stand out amongst a thousand other reads.

After many nail-biting hours of writes and re-writes- I finally have a profile that I think will charm any man. Now comes the real challenge-I must post profile pictures! These photos can make or break your dating life. As I look through some of the pictures of other profiles, I see everything from the duck face photos to the obligatory photo with your pet. I search my photos to find just the right ones. I want to look active and happy; fun but not trashy; successful but not too independent. These are crucial decisions that could impact my entire future.

I finally decided on two pictures and completed my profile. As I wait for it to be approved, I start glancing through the profiles of the men in my age range. There are many handsome guys show potential and my spirits lifted. This isn’t so hard, I think. I can do this. I can find Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now-depending on my mood; I decide with a big smile. Little did I know that the fun was just beginning.