Things I’ve Learned About Being Single

  • Being single saves money- You discover all kinds of savings when it is just you; you don’t use as many razors because you aren’t shaving your legs anymore; frozen dinners are excellent when there is no one to impress; shop at the Thrift Store for the faded jeans and sweatshirts that make up your wardrobe now.
  • People do stare at you when you sit alone in a restaurant, but if you carry a book, you don’t have to make eye contact. To avoid snickers at the movies, bring a man’s coat and drape it on the seat beside you. This also keeps creepy people from sitting next to you.
  • A cat is a better companion than a man. Your feline is faithful, sleeps on his side of the bed and is always happy to see you…even when you are an hour late.
  • Never let married friends fix you up. They don’t care if you are lonely, they are just envious you are free.
  • Never let your parents set you up they aren’t worried about the standard of the man they just want to make sure you don’t move back in with them.

To be perfectly candid, I have gone through some ups and downs since becoming suddenly single. There have been the crazy times and the lonely times. I do miss having a significant other in my life, but despite my diligent efforts, I just haven’t found that ultimate Mr. Right (there have been some Mr. Right Nows, but that’s a story for another day!) For some reason, people want other people to be coupled up. It just doesn’t seem “natural” for anyone to be alone and content. I have found that happy place, though. The best advice I can give is to make sure you like yourself…because wherever you go…there YOU are.