Home for the Holidays!

This year was my first year going home for Thanksgiving as a single girl. I must admit that I did not put much thought into it being a different experience. After all, I was going to my parents’ house, so what could go wrong? I took the requested side dish of dressing and showed up a little early on Thanksgiving morning. After quick hugs all around, I offered to help my mother in the kitchen. We were busy with basting the turkey and setting the table. I noticed that my mother had included name place settings this year.

“Kind of fancy, don’t you think?” I teased her.

“Well, the family is getting so large with all of the dates and …” She put her hand up to her mouth in horror.

“It’s okay, Mom- I am not upset about being alone this year!” She just shook her head and went back to the kitchen.

Soon, relatives and friends began arriving to celebrate with us. My two brothers came with their girlfriends, and my uncle brought his new wife. Our crowd was growing, I thought. Soon, it was time for the big feast and I fixed my plate and headed into the dining room. I went from chair to chair, looking for my name. I could not find my place anywhere. Suddenly, my brother piped up,

“Sami-here you go!”

He was standing in the kitchen at the “kid’s table.” I walked over and soon spied my name.


“Well, honey, there just wasn’t a single chair left at the big table. Do you mind?”

Did I mind? Of course, I minded, I did not want to eat Thanksgiving dinner with all of the sticky toddlers and smirking teenagers!

“No, I don’t mind,” I grumbled.

I tried to sit, but the table was too short for me to get my legs under it. So, I balanced my plate and ate a sullen meal.

After the meal was finally over, everyone went into the den to watch football and talk. I looked around and soon discovered that there was again nowhere for me to sit. All the couples were wrapped around each other and taking up space. I started to try and scrunch in between, but then I saw my younger cousins outside playing football. What the heck, I thought and I went outside and played until dark. We chose teams, and I got to be the quarterback since I was the oldest. It was supposed to be flag football, but I saw some of my young relatives get hammered more than once. All in all, it was a memorable Thanksgiving.

So, in conclusion, you could say that holidays are different when you are single, but on the bright side, I caught up on all the new teenage slang and made two remarkable touchdowns! How many of you can say that about YOUR holidays??