More Gadgets than a Space Station

I want to meet my soul mate so dating is my current pastime. So far I have had some pretty good times. Other times, I find that there is no meeting of the minds. I could write a guidebook for dating at this point in my life given my various amusing experiences. I know someday I will find the right person, but meanwhile there is no rush. I am still young and have a lot of time to settle down and start my real life. That’s how I think of it. For the time being I am in a no man’s land of trial and error.

It is a good sign if I accept a second date. I have had too many first dates, so it means that there is a connection if we go out again. It takes five dates in my opinion to know someone. Before that it is all guesswork. You get hints about personality and special interests, but you don’t know what is deep down inside. You hope to discover a person’s values as time goes on. When you finally see where they live and how they furnish their environment, you have made a lot of progress. I make assumptions all the time, however, that have to be corrected. I was on a second date recently and was invited to the guy’s house at the end of the evening. I was absolutely in awe of all the electronics around. I instantly labeled him a geek or a nerd. First I had to see how many computers existed.

What I saw first was a strange space age contraption sitting in the middle of the living room making odd whirring noises. It was plugged into the wall and a red light was visible showing that it was “on.” I had no idea what this odd gadget was doing, nor some of the other “appliances” around. I assumed that they had some specific function, but what I didn’t know. It turned after some questioning that my date like to control the air in his home. He had a humidifier that could emit steam, which he demonstrated shortly. He also had an ion machine and an air purifier so that pollutants and allergens could be removed daily. I asked him if he was that sensitive, and the answer was yes. These machines made it easier for him to breathe, especially when he was asleep. He particularly credited the air purifier for making him healthier. You should try it, he suggested.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to populate my house with a bunch of metallic beings but I was open to maybe one. Since I seldom felt dry in the nose and throat, I nixed the humidifier. I don’t like dampness in my midst. The air purifier, however, seemed a logical choice. I do have allergies now and then and do worry about airborne toxins. I keep the windows open for fresh air but it brings alien elements with it. I am glad that I learned something valuable while on a date.