Facing Reality

I hate it when the air is so dry that my lips crack. Mostly this is in winter, but it can happen any time. The climate in my city varies from humid to arid and there are spells of each all year long. I combat dryness with face lotion, hand cream, and lip balm. But I can do better to prevent uncomfortable skin. I don’t want to be slathering on oily moisturizers all day long. What to do about alligator skin. You know, the kind that shows a pattern of cracking. Help me!

The appliance gods came to the rescue. They suggested I get a good room size humidifier that will spew moisture into the air from the ample water tank. It holds a gallon and the mist it emits can last for hours. I am in a new apartment since a recent tortuous breakup and it has benefitted enormously from the humidifier. Sometimes it is cold inside in addition to being dry. When I use the heating system, it sucks moisture from the air. I gave in and bought the humidifier as soon as I heard about it. I read up and selected one that covered a lot of indoor square footage. It is a top brand and well-constructed so it should last a long time. It really does its job and I can put away and the creams and lotions. I use them now and then when I am outside in the dry winter air for a long time. But when I come home, I know that I will be comfortable and breathe easier. Your nasal passages dry out so easily and the humidifier gives them considerable relief.

I now live on my own and choosing to buy a humidifier was a very adult decision. It means that I am taking charge of my life once and for all. I am facing reality. I don’t need to depend on someone else. This doesn’t mean I won’t take tips and suggestions: don’t get me wrong. Everyone can use good advice. The person who told me about the humidifier gets a lot of credit for making my days and nights a lot easier. Thank you, my friend. When you are not in a relationship, you get lonely for sure; but you rely on family and old friends more and more. People have noticed my newfound independence. Since I am alone in the evening, I like to entertain all the time. I use the humidifier to make my space pleasant and people enjoy coming over. I bake and use the oven extensively but the heat doesn’t dry out the apartment. You have to be mindful of these things and find your own solutions. Buying the best humidifier on the market was my salvation.

Humidifiers come in all shapes and sizes from countertop models to free standing devices. This means that you have a lot of choice to suit your needs. You probably will make a decision based on the size of the water tank and how long you want to leave it on. Happy shopping.