Check the Weather Report First

Pretty much anything goes on a date. I love to dine out, see a movie, go for a walk in the park, or on a long bike ride. Once in a while we do something different such as have a picnic at the beach. If the weather permits, this is a great sunny day outing. But things don’t always go as planned. You hope for the best and have a contingency plan just in case. I say this because of the story I am about to tell.

My date and I were getting ready for the beach picnic we have been waiting for, but when we arrived it started to rain. Now that was unexpected. I guess we didn’t check the weather report ahead. It was nice at home when we left, so who would expect that the skies would darken. Not only did it start to rain, but it began to pour. We had a choice. We could run to the car and get soaked and go home, or we could stay under our giant beach umbrella and enjoy the clouds racing overhead. It was raining but not cold and we could even go into the water for a dip. It would not to cool off but to enjoy being among the diehards waiting on the sand. We enjoyed our lunch, which we managed to salvage since it was in the cooler and didn’t get wet. I was so glad that my date had a sense of humor about our bad luck and wanted to stay put. You can have fun no matter what the conditions are. The beach umbrella gets credit for saving the day. My date kept it in the car whenever a beach trip was imminent.

As the day wore on, the rain got lighter and pretty soon it stopped. We weren’t that wet since we had two large terry beach towels under us. The rain cooled the sand which usually burns our feet as we make our way to the water on a hot day. It did stick to our feet which made us laugh. We had to towel off when we got back to the car when it was time to go home. I hate it when grains of sand find their way in every nook and cranny of your car. It is hard to get out, even with a car vacuum. We shook out our towels and put them in the trunk. I have no doubt that hidden sand was in them. No matter. We had a great day just because we were together braving the elements. A rainy day is not my first choice for a beach trip, but we managed to get by. Remember the point of this blog. Take a big foldup umbrella whether you have rain or shine. It is an essential item for anyone who goes to the shore. It will protect you from getting a bad sunburn or from getting wet. Now that is what I call versatile.