Gave it the Old College Try

I love my job. I have the most considerate boss. He is always coming up with ideas to make the work environment better and to offer great perks. We already have the choice of flex hours and starting later in the day if we skip lunch. I appreciate the way he considers our busy schedules and individual needs. It is a great way to keep us happy and engaged. He knows how to avoid employee turnover. That is the bane of any bosses existence. You have to keep hiring new people and taking considerable time to train them.

The latest idea he had was to give us all a bonus incentive if we bike to work. He is definitely an environmentalist and talks all the time about dwindling energy resources. He promotes exploring for domestic gas and becoming less dependent on the Middle East. I have a commuter bike that I use to ride around the city, so this new gesture won’t go unheeded. I get out my rusty old machine and give it the once over. It needs some adjustments, an oiling, a polishing, and some TLC. I buy a rust remover and get the body back to its original shininess. It is now presentable enough to ride to work and even park it right out front.

I rode for a month until the weather turned nasty. I hated having raindrops pelt me in the face. My shoes were often wet and never really dried out during the workday. It is hard to pedal in clunky rubber boots. I was ready and willing to give up the bonus. I stuck it out a few extra days, not for the bonus, but to show the boss my compliance. At the end of a month, I abandoned my effort and returned the bike to its storage place in the garage. I had just bought a nice new lock and used the attached chain to secure it from prowlers and thieves. I was back to my car.

What is the best mode of transportation to work for you? We all have our preferences. Some of us live near a train station or bus stop and that dictates what we will do. Others can walk if they are lucky as it provides some daily exercise. Then there are the rest of us who want to drive for convenience. I have several miles ahead of me each morning and the car makes it in ten minutes. I get to work early enough to get the best parking spot. I have no reason to go back to the bicycle. I have my own incentives. I often run errands after work or visit family or a friend. I can go to the gym before dinner and grab some take-out food. In short, I need the car to help me organize my life and save time. I gave it the old college try with the bicycle but fell short of my goal. Others in the office got the bonus and bragged a lot about it. I kept quiet about my failure.